Cladding Market Analysis by Key Players, Type, Shares, Capacity and Growth Opportunities Till 2025

2 July 2019: The global Cladding Market is estimated to touch US$ 111.1 billion by the completion of the prediction period. The market was appreciated at US$ 807 Billion in the year 2015. Growing expenditure on construction and emergence of effectual building expertise by automatic manufacture & setting up procedures are estimated to raise the business.


Increasing application of lightweight materials to raise savings of energy in houses and place of work are expected to enhance the business over the prediction period. Innovative uses are presented for recently established combined panes and additional materials. The Cladding market is estimated to develop at a CAGR of 5.3% for the duration of the prediction.

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The Cladding market on the source of Type of Application could span institutional, Commercial, Housing, Workplaces, and Industrialized. Housing applications were responsible for 29.4% stake of general capacity in the year 2016.It estimated to develop at a CAGR of 5.9%, above the prediction period. Growing funds to improve reasonably priced housing arrangements in developing markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America are likely to motivate progress in housing applications.

The Commercial applications are likely to develop by the subsequent maximum speed due to the propagation of leisure centers, show business, and retail shopping in developing nations like Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, and Thailand. These panes propose warm air lining and artistic application to commercial structures, satisfying the increasing demand for practical, however, eye-catching super marts and shopping malls.

The Cladding industry on the source of Type of Product could span Ceramic, Fiber Cement, Aluminum, Terracotta, Composite Materials, Steel, and Others. The Terracotta held the market by means of above 25% stake of capacity, in the year 2016. The material is extremely sturdy and promotes energy reserves, by way of proposing constant protection boosting the thermal efficiency of the building. These panes are likewise mortar-free and able to set up in dangerous climate circumstances by a small price tag. It is likely to increase their development.

The of Cladding market on the source of Area with respect to Trades in terms of intake, Profits, Market stake and Development percentage of Cladding in these areas, for the duration of the prediction could span North America [U.S., Canada], Europe [France, Germany, U.K., Italy], Asia Pacific [India, Japan, China], Latin America [Brazil, Mexico], Middle East & Africa [United Arab Emirates, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Qatar, Libya, Jordan, Iran, Bahrain].

By the source of geography, Asia Pacific is expected to keep on speedily developing and constitute approximately half of the worldwide construction business by the year 2020. In spite of the slowing down in the Chinese economy, additionally developing markets present plenty openings for venture for providers. Provincial administrations are ramping up labors to inspire private contribution in substructure expansion procedures that may perhaps motivate demand for the maintainable building materials.

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According to World Bank approximations, big financial prudence in Southeast Asia projected to development of GDP by the rate of 5%. A strong range of construction product backs the constancy of the Asian markets, by means of government interference enhancing a mainstream of projects for the improvement of substructure.

North America is anticipated to develop speedily at a GAGR of above 5%. Decreasing proportions of joblessness, increasing admiration of pre-fabricated structures, combination of Building Information Modelling [BIM] machinery and additional tendencies likely to form business dynamic forces, in spite of the complications of scarcity of skilled labor.

The construction business in the area of Middle East & Africa expected to gain from increasing government contribution and growing funds in subdivisions for example substructure, Education. In addition, Healthcare to branch out the nation’s economy & move away from outdated actions to back financial development.

The statement revises Trades in terms of intake of Cladding in the market; particularly in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. It concentrates on the topmost companies operating in these regions. Some of the important companies operating in the field on international basis are Avenere Cladding LLC, Middle East Insulation LLC, Euramax, Cladding Corp, Rockwool International A/S, Celotex Ltd., Carea Ltd., Shildan, Trespa International B.V., Tegral Building Products, Timco Wood’s, CGL Facades Ltd., GB Architectural Products Ltd, Kingspan Insulation PLC.

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Cold Storage Market 2019: Global Industry Analysis by Applications, Key Players and Business Overview Till 2025

10 May 2019: Global Cold Storage Market is predicted to reach USD 212.54 billion by 2025 owing to the increasing retail sector in the emerging countries across globe. Cold storage is a room with low temperature maintained by using machinery and appropriate equipment. India, a developing economy is observed as a special geography with a wide range of quality soil that can produce various types of vegetables & fruits along with marine products in huge quantities in coastal areas.

Cold Storage

The cold storages play a very important role in extending the shelf life, marketing period, avoiding excess supply and reducing transport bottlenecks in the high time of production and maintaining production quality. In short, cold storages are essential for minimizing the wastage of perishable items and hence offering remunerative prices to the farmers and producers. The ever-growing population and the demand for food products are expected to boost cold storage market with a CAGR of 12.4% in coming years.

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The retail sector in the emerging economies are progressively getting organized. The licensed retailers of the organized retail industry sells products of different varieties. As compared to the traditional provisions, the organized retail provisions use improved storage technology and better refrigeration techniques. These factors are predicted to augment the cold storage market in near future.

However, the lack of infrastructure required for market development is the major challenge for the cold storage market players to expand in the emerging markets. Moreover, shortage of power hook-ups for reefer trailers at transportation centers and ports with inconsistent power supply for cold storages are expected to increase the operation costs.

On the other hand, these restraints also provide opportunities to the cold storage market players to introduce innovative solutions or implement alternative energy sources to overcome the unpredictable power supply in developing regions. Besides, new transport modes like versatile refrigerated containers are developed to overcome the adequate transportation facility. These actions can offer access to global market and bring in opportunities for the producers and small businesses in these areas.

Cold storage market can be categorized on the basis of temperature type, application and geography. On the basis of temperature type, the market can be divided into chilled type and frozen type. In the terms of application, market can be divided into vegetables & fruits, fish, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and seafood & meat.

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Geographically, the cold storage industry is segmented as North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Asia pacific is expected to dominate the cold storage market in near future owing to the growth in the refrigerated storage capacity. Especially, Indian market is predicted to hold less than half of the entire cold chain capacity to meet its current requirements.

The key cold storage market player profiled here are Americold Logistics LLC, Al Rai Logistica K.S.C, Agro Merchants Group, Burris Logistics, Barloworld Limited, Cloverleaf Cold Storage, Gulf Drug LLC, Henningsen Cold Storage Company, Kloosterboer, Lineage Logistics, Nordic Logistics, Oxford Logistics Group, Oceana Group Limited, Preferred Freezer, RSA Logistics, Swire Group, VersaCold Logistics Services, United States Cold Storage Inc., Wared Logistics and Wabash National Corporation.

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Aluminum Curtain Wall Market To Set Healthy Growth Due to Rising Demand From Unitized Sector Till 2025

10 May 2019: Global Aluminum Curtain Wall Market is expected to reach USD 53.2 billion by 2025. Curtain Wall is termed as a thin, mainly aluminum-framed wall that comprises in-fills of glass, thin stone, or metal panels to take care of interior from the elements and create a safe and comfortable work environment for the building occupants. These curtain walls carry their own weight. The wall helps to transfer wind loads to the main building structure at connection points of building, which is also known as main wind force resisting system (MWFRS). It is mainly planned to resist water and air infiltration, and influence created by seismic and wind forces. The Aluminum Curtain Wall Market is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR of 7% over the forecast period as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe.

Aluminum Curtain Wall

Increasing government initiative to construct eco-friendly buildings, recognize and promote green brands, increasing disposable income, and rapid urbanization in developing countries are documented as major factors of Aluminum Curtain Wall Market that are estimated to enhance the growth in the years to come. Aluminum Curtain Wall Market is segmented based on type, application, and region.

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Unitized, stick-built, and semi-unitized are the types that could be explored in Aluminum Curtain Wall in the forecast period. Unitized sector accounted for the substantial market share and is estimated to lead the overall market in the coming years. Also, the sector is estimated to grow at highest CAGR in the upcoming years. This may be because of low labor and installation cost and reduced site operations. Moreover, stick-built sector is estimated to grow at fastest pace in the coming years.

The market may be categorized based on applications like residential, commercial, and others that could be explored in the forecast period. The commercial sector accounted for substantial market share of Aluminum Curtain Wall and is estimated to lead the overall market in coming years. This may be because of growing disposable income as raised spending on consumer goods and high demand for retail spaces. In addition, residential sector is estimated to grow at significant CAGR in the coming years.

Globally, Asia Pacific accounted for the substantial market share of Aluminum Curtain Wall and is estimated to lead the overall market in coming years. The regional market is estimated to grow at significant CAGR over 10% in the years to come. The reason behind the overall market growth could be rising construction industry, government initiative for development of infrastructure sector, and presence of key manufacturers in the region. The developing countries like India, Japan, and China are the major consumers of Aluminum Curtain Wall in the region.

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Instead, Europe and North America are also estimated to have a positive influence on the future growth. Europe is the second largest region with significant market share. However, North America is estimated to grow at moderate pace with the highest CAGR in the foremost period. The aspects that may be ascribed to the growth comprise rising disposable income and high demand for sustainable curtain walls for advancing moisture resistance and diminishing pollution in high drizzle areas.

The key players of Aluminum Curtain Wall Market are Kawneer Company, Inc., Alumil Aluminium Industry S.A., HansenGroup Ltd., EFCO Corporation, and GUTMANN AG. These players are concentrating on inorganic growth to sustain themselves amongst fierce competition. As companies all over the world have to believe that alliance with a market would permit them proportional market existence and authority to declare the leadership position.

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Rainscreen Cladding Market Key Applications, Scope and Market Restraints Analysis Forecast 2024

13 March 2019: Global Rain screen Cladding Market size is expected to reach USD 14.0 billion by 2024. Rain screen cladding is an attachment of the outer skin with a ventilated & drained cavity provided to a new or existing building infrastructure. The main purpose of rain screen cladding is to protect the exterior wall of a building from rainwater and prevent it from penetrating the interior of the property. The market size is expected to register a CAGR of 7.6% in the upcoming period as the scope, product types, and its applications are increasing across the globe. It provides some advantages such as lightweight material, thermal insulation, improved external appearance and acoustic performance of the buildings. Demand for these products has increased significantly due to promotion by International Energy Agency and World Green Building Council.

Rainscreen Cladding

In rain screen cladding, some raw materials are used such as fiber cement, metal, composite material, terracotta, high pressure laminates, ceramic, and others. Composites are the leading raw material for the manufacture of rain screen cladding owing to properties like durability, higher strength and flexibility. The “fiber cement” segment is anticipated to hold the highest market share over the forecast period. This material can resist the growth of mold, fungi, and bacteria. These materials are gaining increasing importance as they require no special tools for installation.

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Metals are lightweight and easy to install. Metals such as zinc, aluminum, and steel are used for various applications. They offer some advantages like aesthetic appeal, sound & thermal insulation and fire resistance. Metals are mostly used due to their rigidity, superior flatness, excellent tensile strength and stability under changing thermal conditions.

The factors that play an important role in the growth of rain screen cladding market include increasing demand, growing population, increasing urbanization & industrialization, growing demand for energy efficient buildings construction, growing construction industry, emerging need for exterior wall protection, technological advancements and stringent government rules & regulations. Moreover, increasing demand of eco-friendly buildings due to stringent government regulations, rising awareness about environmental degradation, changing lifestyle, and rising disposable income are main factors driving the growth of market in the next couple of years.

However, high installation and maintenance cost are negatively impacting the growth of rain screen cladding industry. The market is widely analyzed based on different regional factors such as gross domestic product (GDP), demographics, acceptance, inflation rate, and others. The market is categorized based on raw material, application and geography. The market is classified into application such as commercial, residential, offices, industrial and institutional. The “offices” segment is expected to hold the largest market share in the upcoming period due to increasing refurbishment of office structures.

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Additionally, the “residential” application is projected to grow at the higher CAGR during the forecast period. The increasing expenditure on affordable housing schemes in developing countries, growing over-cladding activities on existing buildings and stringent government rules & regulations for developing green buildings are anticipated to boost the demand for rain screen cladding in the residential sector.

Asia Pacific has been at the forefront with regards to rain screen cladding market and will continue to rule the roost in the years to come. The increasing population in developing countries, coupled with high demand for affordable government & housing schemes promoting energy efficiencies and growing construction industry are major factors drive the market growth
in this region.

The key players contributing to the robust development of the rain screen cladding market include King span Insulation plc, Lakesmere International Ltd., Dow Building Solutions, Ash & Lacy Building System Ltd., Carea Ltd., Booth Muirie Ltd., Celotex Ltd., E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., CGL Facades Co., MF Murray Company, Kalzip Ltd., Rockwool International A/S, NvelopeRainscreen System Ltd. and TAKTL LLC. These market players are focusing on inorganic growth to sustain themselves amidst fierce competition. As such, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures are the need of the hour.

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Welding Consumables Market Key Opportunities, Growth Prospect and Size Estimation Till 2025

The Welding Consumables Market includes welding equipment consumables, and services. Welding consumables are materials such as alloys, minerals and metals that are used to amalgamate thermoplastic and metal components. Welding consumables account for the lions share of the global welding industry in terms of profits compared to equipment and services. Technological advancement of welding methods is expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period.

welding consumables

The global market has been facing dramatic change to flux and solid cored wired from electrodes owing to advanced production efficiency in welding consumables. Growing Innovation in developing new techniques for welding is anticipated to boost the market growth and create opportunities over the next few years. Increasing demand owing to growing in residential and commercial building constructions is estimated to positively impact and can attributed as the major driving factor.

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Increasing demand from growing end use industries including transportation, mainly in emerging economies such as China, India, Thailand, and Singapore is expected to propel the global welding consumables market over the forecast period. Growing population along with increase in disposable income of people can be attributed to the aforementioned driver.

New Infrastructural projects coupled with government investment to develop cities is anticipated to drive the market demand for global welding consumables. Welding steel plays a major role in the global market owing to high demand and need of steel in various industrial and manufacturing processes.

Welding is extensively used in metal and steel industries for fabrication processes. The impact of welding process on the metal sector is dependent on the total parts manufactured in the process. Industries are expected to prefer welding process over other conventional fabrication process including soldering and brazing, since they are more efficient, offer higher product strength and accounts for less production cost.

Lack of Skilled labor in industries pertaining to handling the welding products coupled with high labor cost is expected to pose a major challenge and restraint for the market growth over the forecast period. Based on the product type, the welding consumables market has been segmented into solid wires, stick electrodes, saw wires and fluxes, flux cored wires. Stick electrodes segment holds the largest market share in the global industry owing to high demand and prevalence of welding in regions including Africa and Middle East.

These electrodes are mainly used as a low cost alternative for welding process Wires and fluxes are expected to witness significant growth rate over the forecast period owing to increasing demand from consumer appliances and automotive segments. Flux-cored wires provide clean and strong welds, and high deposition rate. Efficient performance and higher productivity of wires and fluxes is estimated to be the key factors driving the market growth.

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On the basis of application, the market has been classified into building & construction, automotive & transportation, defense & aerospace, and marine applications. Building and construction is expected to dominate the global market owing to increasing infrastructure projects and manufacturing industries. Regional initiatives such as Make in India campaigns are expected to boost the manufacturing sector in the country thereby resulting in an increased demand for welding processes. Automotive and transportation is expected to witness significant growth rate owing to increasing technological developments and launch of new vehicles into the market. Increasing investments in oil & gas and energy sectors is estimated to propel the global welding consumables market

Asia pacific is expected to hold the largest market in the global industry owing to high prevalence of end use industries. Growing manufacturing sector coupled with government initiatives is expected to be the major factor driving the market growth in this region. Africa and Middle East is anticipated to witness high growth rate owing to raw materials availability and increasing automotive industry demand.

Key market vendors in the global welding consumables market include Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Vorarc Welding CC, Illinois Tool Work, and Promax Welding. Other industry participants include DAIHEN Corporation, Obara Corporation, Kiswel Inc, Kobe Steel Limited, Royal Arc Electrodes Limited, Arcsel LLC, and Corodur Fulldraht GmbH.

The key market players have developed their own distribution networks, as distribution is a critical success factor in this industry. For instance, ESAB, Voestalpine, and Lincoln Electric have a network of independent distributors and wholly owned subsidiaries to supply finished consumables to end-users in the country.

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Aluminum Systems Market Size, Shares, Applications and Emerging Countries Forecast 2025

15 January 2019: Aluminum systems are used as building materials and building sector is the biggest consumer of raw materials and energy. Environmental concerns regarding the design and construction of building applications is getting much significant and in the construction field, the building consumes a great amount of energy. Therefore, as a measure to provide sustainable forms and methods to reduce consumption of energy certain alternatives are to be taken into consideration. On the basis of alloy type, the global aluminum systems market is segmented into wrought aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy.

aluminum systems

Aluminum being a lightweight material offers the construction industry to design a safe, energy-efficient and an eco-friendly framework. These materials can be used for a wide range of design and manufacturing process and in engineering terms, aluminum is classified as a metal whose basic ingredient is either aluminum or aluminum alloy.

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Pure aluminum is a metal commonly used for structural purpose in construction. It becomes high in tensile strength when it is added to other metals such as magnesium or with metalloids. Aluminum alloys are formed with the metals; whose strength is high and reaches a higher threshold. Structural aluminum alloys are categorized in various segments with reference to their chemical composition and the processes. Further, their physical properties such as lightness are much advantageous to the erection phases and can be simplified minimizing the loads and the heavy physical labor.

From the commercial point of view, the global aluminum systems market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR as aluminum alloy accounts for a larger share in the global construction business. Thus, with the market dynamics and driving factors the global market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period.

The key driving factors responsible for the growth of aluminum systems market includes growing demand from the end-use industry and technological developments. Additionally, economic development plays a crucial role in augmenting the demand for aluminum systems market. Moreover, the prime factors that enhance the growth of aluminum systems market account as rise in consumption and demand for value-added and sustainable products.

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On the basis of alloying element, the global aluminum systems market is segmented into silicon, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. Silicon is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period owing to rise in demand for end-user industries. On the basis of application, the global aluminum systems market is segmented into transportation & logistics, construction, packaging, electrical & electronics and manufactured and machined components.

On the basis of geographic segmentation, the global aluminum systems market spans North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle-East & Africa. North America dominates the global market owing to highly disposable income of people. APAC regions exhibit a trajectory growth during the forecast period owing to large volume production. The key players in the global aluminum systems market include United Company Rusal, Alcoa Inc, Aluminum Corporation of China, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

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Noise Barriers Market To Set Significant Growth Over Forecast Period Till 2025: Size and Development

11 October 2018: Global Noise Barrier Market is segmented, by Type into Resin Type, Glass Type, Metal Type, Others. A noise barrier (better known as a sound berm, noise wall, and acoustical barrier) comes across as an exterior structure designed for protecting inhabitants of sensitive land use areas from noise pollution. Noise barriers are the most effective method of obstructing industrial, railway, roadway noise sources other than cessation of the source activity or use of source controls.

In case of surface transportation noise, other methods of lessening the source noise intensity are inclusive of encouraging the usage of hybrid and electric vehicles, enhancing tire design and automobile aerodynamics, and choosing low-noise paving material. Roadside noise barriers do reduce the near-road air pollution concentration levels within 15-50 m from the roadside. Air pollution concentration levels at lee side of noise barriers are likely to be reduced by up to 50% as compared to open road values.

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Noise Barriers

Noise barriers do force the pollution clouds coming from the road to move up; thereby elevating vertical dispersion of the cloud. The deflection and deceleration of the initial flow by the noise barrier force the cloud to disperse horizontally. Quality of life is a growing preoccupation in our society. People are more and more concerned about level of noise in their environment.

Thus, it is not surprising that growing investments have been made in noise barriers during recent years. In Order to determining if these investments contribute to increase a society’s welfare, one should be aware of all their effects. In general noise barriers are efficient in reducing the level of noise, but they have other consequences, like affecting the price of adjacent houses.

On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into
• Reflective type
• Absorptive type
• Mixed type

Noise Barrier Market is segmented, By Applications into municipal, Highways, Factory, Others. Noise Barriers Market Geographical Region into North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, India. Noise Barriers Market Key Players Arkema SA, Evonik Industries AG, Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd, Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Corporation, Chi Mei Corporation, GEHR Plastics, Inc and Kolon Industries Inc.

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