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Eye Makeup Market Specifications, Growth Rate and New Techniques Forecast Till 2022

The global eye makeup market is expected to display splendid growth in forthcoming years. The eye makeup industry segment is displaying high growth due to new and innovative eye products on display. In summers, it is the waterproof eye makeup that moves market upwards because during summers waterproof eye makeup fights humidity and heat without smearing the makeup. Several manufacturers have come up with sweat proof makeup products that beat the summer heat without any untoward makeup lines and cake formations that would eventually have ended up destroying the makeup.

Eye Makeup

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Today’s working women have a penchant for wearing such make ups that last though out the day. A growing demand for smear-free eye makeup products including waterproof eyeliners are gaining significance amongst sportswomen participating in swimming and other humid outdoor activities. The emerging trend in the market is inclination towards mineral eye makeup having natural properties and no traces of carbon being made up of inorganic substances. As woman takes an increasing liking for mineral eye make- up, there will be a significant growth during forecast period.

North American region dominates the market growth during forecast period owing to higher sales growth aligned with higher sales of eye liners and eye pencils. Long lasting eyebrow pencils are finding a proven niche in market and this is due to bold eyebrows that are making a splash in regions in coming years. The eye makeup industry comprises both private players and vendors strewn across the globe. A run-up to market competitiveness has forced manufacturers to come up with innovative tag lines, marketing jargons and certain brands are adding a distinct touch with celebrity tie-ups and fashion shows showcasing cosmetics brands to extend brand visibility and a touch of glamour in the name of product differentiation.

Mascaras are the largest selling eye make-up products across the globe and rake in market revenue of around 54% during forecast period. These eye products are respected with safe ingredients being used and the criteria of use being quality assurance and manufacturing ethics that play a large hand in testing compatibility of product with packaging and shelf life.

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Segmentation of eye makeup market includes mascaras, eye shadow kits and eye liners and pencils. By distribution and make up, segmentation of eye makeup market includes hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores, specialty retailers and pharmacy and drug stores. By geography the eye makeup industry includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA, and Latin America. The leading players in mascara market include Loreal, Max Factor, The Face Shop and Chanel. The leading players in the eye makeup market include P& G, L’Oreal, Shisesido, Estee Lauder, LVMH, Amway, Avon, Chanel, Revlon, and Unilever.

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